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Top 50 Worker Grumbles Revealed!

One reason you need the best office cleaning Surrey has to offer is to help keep your workforce happy and motivated – important when you see how often issues of cleanliness rear their head in a list of the top 50 employee grumbles about a workplace.

The list, reported in The Sun this week, sheds some light on the key areas employers and cleaners should be looking at.

The research has been commissioned by SPANA – a charity for the protection of working animals in developing countries – to give a little perspective on those little niggles that can drive us all mad. Geoffrey Dennis, Chief Executive of the charity, had this to say: “These irritations are trivial and very minor compared to the tough working lives endured by working animals in developing countries around the world,” he said.

Of those surveyed, 70 per cent said they often feel irritable at work, while 52 per cent say that these little 'bugbears' can ruin their whole day. Some of the complaints were to do with co-workers, some to do with technology and some to do with bosses, but cleanliness was a complaint which came up time and time again.

First up, coming in at number 31 on the list: co-workers who leave dirty dishes in the sink. Who is meant to clean these? Next up, at 34: co-workers who don't clean the microwave when their food makes a mess. A real annoyance!

However, it's number 44 that's of real interest: co-workers who expect cleaners to tidy up all their mess. It seems offices are divided on how much cleaners should be expected to do at a workplace

1st Sept 2017

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