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Spring Cleaners Issued Warning Over Pet Health & Cleaning Products

As you go around your home spring cleaning, make sure that you keep an eye out for your pets, as the chemicals in cleaning products can actually prove to be quite harmful.

This is the stark warning that’s just been issued by vets at the PDSA, noting that pets can be poisoned by ingesting or coming into contact with bleach. Sadly, one dog even had to be euthanised because they were exposed to laundry detergent that resulted in severe caustic burns to their mouth, legs and paws.

Other cases include a cat that started foaming at the mouth after licking a floor that had just been disinfected, while another dog sustained chemical burns to its scrotum after coming into contact with a cleaning product that had been used on a floor.

PDSA vet Rebecca Ashman said: “Products such as bleach and detergents are highly corrosive and cause permanent and even life-threatening damage to a pet’s skin or insides if swallowed. Some pets will naturally explore or chew boxes and containers, so it’s really important to keep cleaning products safely locked away. Also, if you’re cleaning floors or other areas pets use, please keep them out of harm’s way and rinse the areas after cleaning.  Using products at the correct dilution also helps to ensure pets don’t come into contact with concentrated chemicals.”

However, you do still need to keep your house clean so make sure you do some research into the different products out there to keep your home sparkling and your pets safe. For example, shop for un-fragranced detergents and avoid strongly scented fabric softeners to protect your pet’s nose! Or avoid using in-the-bowl toilet cleaners if you know your pet drinks out of the loo.

For further advice, call Camberley office cleaning company Hodge Services today.

29th Apr 2017

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