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Stay Healthy At Work This Winter

Winter in the UK can be a tough time for your health - you’re getting less sunlight due to the shorter days and the typically cloudy weather, there are more colds and other viruses going around, and you spend more time indoors rather than taking in some fresh air.

Offices are often blamed for being breeding grounds for germs, and while there can definitely be outbreaks that affect several people in the same workplace, there are a number of things you can do to help look after your health at this time of year.

Having good personal hygiene is important. This includes making sure you wash your hands thoroughly after going to the bathroom. You might even find it beneficial to keep some hand sanitiser in your desk.

Being aware of where you’re most likely to encounter germs is also useful. While you might clean your own phone, desk and keyboard, be aware that things like door handles and surfaces in a shared kitchen that multiple people touch every day are more likely to harbour germs.

Last year, Net Doctor highlighted several mistakes employees make when trying to avoid getting ill at the office. One of them was assuming that they’re only going to pick up bugs from their workplace, rather than during the daily commute.

Washing your hands after travelling on public transport is one step you can take to reduce the likelihood of bringing germs into the office yourself.

Making sure your office cleaners in Woking or elsewhere are disinfecting those at-risk office areas will also help. 

23rd Jan 2017

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