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Top Tips To Keep Your Home Tidy

The best office cleaners Woking has to offer can make all the difference to your office environment, and keep it as clean and sanitary as possible.

However, have you heard about the new ‘Unf*** Your Habitat' craze, which sees people getting on top of the mess in their homes and offices once and for all?

While the Marie Kondo book was all the rage a year or two ago, this much less didactic approach allows you to break up the tidying you need to do in your life into manageable chunks.

1.      Take before and after photos

These are a really good idea if you are cleaning up our own mess as it can be hard to tell the difference in the thick of it, and mess really shows up in photographs.

2.      Break up tasks into 20 minute chunks

This is a technique that has been utilised by a wide range of home keeping gurus over the years. It really helps to focus on one task at a time.

3.      Gamify it

Remember Mary Poppin’s song? How about finding a way to gamify tidying up for adults. Beat the clock maybe?

4.      Be realistic

Sometimes we can be put off by show homes which have very little or nothing in them, and are an unrealistic way to live. Instead, think about what you actually need, keep it and challenge yourself to consider how much of the rest of it you really need.

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4th Sept 2017

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