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Chewing Gum Makers Urged To Help Clean Up

It’s the bane of even the best office cleaners Woking has to offer - chewing gum. Even in adult offices, chewing gum crops up stuck to desks and chairs, and when accidentally stepped into the carpet, it can be a nightmare to remove. Its effect out on the street is even more prominent and that’s why councils are calling for manufacturers of the product to contribute to the clean-up costs.

A single piece of gum costs 3p to clean off the street, but it’s 50 times more for every square meter our councils have to tackle in the clean-up. It cost councils around the UK a huge £60 million per year in cleaning costs to remove gums embedded onto our pavement and statistics from Keep Britain Tidy say that a staggering 64 per cent of our streets are covered by chewing gum, reported Sky News

The Local Government Association is now asking that the chewing gum industry notices the problem that gum can cause, and consider changing to ingredients that are biodegradable when gum is discarded.

Local councils are already stretched as it is with funding and outgoing money used for clearing up gum on the streets could be used in much better ways. Councils aren’t actually legally asked to clear gum from the pavements but do so to make local areas more pleasant for the general public. Councils hope that the gum industry takes notice and will work with them for a more environmentally friendly and fast way of dealing with the issue and take some responsibility.

18th Apr 2017

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