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Top Cleaning Secrets Shared Right Here!

Even if you employ office cleaners in Guildford, or have someone who comes to clean your home, it never hurts to have some cleaning tips stored up.

And with the big spring clean just around the corner for most of us, some helpful people have been sharing their advice for cleaning without the stress.

The Huffington Post compiled a list of some of the most useful tips, which include cleaning the shower while you’re in it and adding a few drops of scented oil to your hoover bag to make your home smell delightful as you do the vacuuming.

Another gem is using white vinegar to remove the limescale from a kettle - which could be particularly handy in a shared kitchen at work where no one wants to take responsibility for looking after the appliances.

You can do this quick tip with minimum effort though. Simply put the vinegar in the kettle, boil it and leave it overnight, or as long as you can. Then you tip the vinegar out and rinse the kettle with water and it’s ready to go.

The Metro has compiled a similar list, featuring comments from Mumsnet users. One of the tips shared in that article that’s equally useful in the office as it is at home is to use salt to remove the stains from coffee cups. You need to rinse them with cold water and then you’ll have shiny mugs again.

An alternative suggestion for cleaning mugs is to use bicarbonate of soda and hot water, which again has the advantage of being much safer than bleach. 

26th Jan 2017

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