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Is There A Green Cleaning Revolution Coming?

Whether you’re cleaning your home or looking for office cleaners in Guildford, the idea of using eco-cleaning products has long been gaining traction.

Over in the US, such products are becoming increasingly sought after and being adopted more widely, both by homeowners and commercial cleaning operations.

OPI reported on a survey conducted by global cleaning industry association ISSA, which found that 40 per cent of households in the US prefer to use eco-friendly cleaning products, while 28 per cent of firms in the country now insist that such products are used by their commercial cleaners.

John Molidor, merchandising manager for facility and safety at wholesaler SP Richards, commented: “There’s constant pressure to ensure green products perform up to the same standards as the conventional products we’re used to, while keeping the price points as close as possible.”

The cost of eco-friendly sanitation products has typically been a barrier to their uptake, as have concerns that many such products don’t disinfect.

However, innovations within the cleaning products sector, with a focus on the eco credentials of such goods, has helped convert more businesses and homes to their use.

In addition, legislative changes have also helped drive change within the cleaning world, by forcing manufacturers to innovate and encouraging businesses and households to change their habits.

But while keeping everything clean is important, research earlier this year revealed that, because we’re living in a “cleaner world”, there has been an increase in the number of hospital admissions due to allergies in the UK.

This is attributed to people having lower natural resistance to bacteria and dust because of a lack of exposure.

3rd Jan 2017

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