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Would You Clean More If You Could See The Cleaning Products?

Keeping your home and your workspace clean and tidy can seem like a mammoth task at times. Even if you have office cleaners in Farnborough to do the main work, you’re likely to notice that your office space could do with a bit of a tidy as the day goes by.

One article on Lifehacker has suggested that if you keep a few essential cleaning products in each room of your house - bleach by the toilet, a duster in the living room, antibacterial spray in the kitchen and so on - you’re more likely to take the ‘little and often’ approach, rather than leaving it for one major job.

So could this work in an office environment? Would having antibacterial wipes available for staff to clean their desks and computers encourage them to keep their workspaces cleaner?

In a communal kitchen, having washing up liquid and sponges is usually standard, but maybe including additional cloths and cleaning sprays for use on the surfaces could be a good move, if you don’t have that already.

The Lifehacker article explains that having the cleaning supplies on hand removes one of the main excuses for not cleaning items there and then - namely that you have to go and find the right products.

“If what you need is right there in the room with you, then you can knock it out in a few seconds,” the site suggests.

There is evidence that having a tidier desk could lower your stress levels, so it’s worth looking into, especially if you have a lot of staff with cluttered workspaces who seem to be struggling to stay on top of things. 

23rd Feb 2017

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