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Workers ‘Lose 13 Hours A Year’ Cleaning Offices

To be a successful and productive business, you need your members of staff to focus on their specific jobs – which for the most part probably doesn’t involve cleaning the office.

But now new research from Furniture123.co.uk has just revealed that employees in the UK are losing an incredible 13 working hours a year simply for cleaning their office or their workspace, Business Matters Magazine reports.

That’s time that could be better spent doing their jobs and helping further their company’s aims… which is why it’s so great that services like Woking commercial office cleaning company Hodge exist! We can do all the dirty work for you!

Cleaning desks was the most common activity that people are asked to do, while more than 50 per cent are asked to clean the food prep areas or communal kitchen each week, and just under half claim they’re asked to vacuum up on a weekly basis.

“Not only are staff carrying out tasks outside of their job description, it’s eating in to their normal working hours, which in turn will be costing businesses. It’s fair enough for employers to ask their staff to keep their office or workplace tidy and do their best to limit the amount of cleaning required, but it’s likely in most cases to be more cost effective in the long run to hire a professional cleaner to carry out tasks such as vacuuming, and leave workers to do the job they are hired to do,” marketing manager Mark Kelly was quoted by the news source as saying.

Benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company include a more productive workforce, a healthier environment, cash and time savings, and being able to make a good first impression on clients without having to worry about it.

29th June 2017

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