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Can Dust Make You Fat?

Dust can be unsightly and unhealthy, causing sneezing fits when disturbed, however, researchers have now claimed that inhaling dust can contribute to an accumulation of body fat.

Researchers at Duke University in the US exposed mice to quantities of normal house dust that were significantly lower than children would be exposed to on an average day-to-day basis. They found that dust contains hormone-altering chemicals that may cause cells in the body to store fat.

These elements, known as endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), are present in all kinds of household items, from the flame retardants used in carpets to plastic products.

Already associated with a variety of health risks, EDCs are now being linked to weight gain in adults who were exposed to the chemicals during childhood.

Leading the research, Dr Christopher Kassotis commented: “We were most surprised by how low the concentrations were that we saw having an effect.”

The team of researchers collected dust from 11 homes. In nine instances, the dust caused cell division, which could in turn create more fat cells, while seven sets of dust caused cells to mature more quickly and accumulate more fat.

Another researcher from the team, Dr Heather Stapleton, said the findings would suggest that the chemicals present in dust are “promoting the accumulation of triglycerides and fat cells”. The team commented that the metabolic risk to children was likely to be high.

Keeping your home or office dust-free has a range of benefits, including keeping allergies in check. With yet another reason to do away with dust, there’s never been a better time to invest in commercial office cleaning in Woking, Surrey or Oxfordshire with Hodge.

17th July 2017

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